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A blog is a great tool to showcase a portfolio or build an audience.  I often consider it an archive of my work. Over time, the work can drive more traffic to your site creating a client pipeline for you.  Here are just a few ways in which you can develop an audience of loyal readers that are hooked on your content.

1. Build A Brand For Your Blog

Every blog needs its own individual brand. This means only covering certain topics and giving your content its own unique and personal style. If you post about any topic regardless of whether it fits your blog and don’t stick to a style, your blog won’t feel unique or memorable and few readers will return to it. If you accept promotional content and guest writers, make sure that you’re not opening the floodgates to anything and everything.  Staying true to your core is essential for building a loyal blog audience.

2. Post Content Consistently

Consistency is one of the key qualities we always discuss when trying to build a loyal blog audience.  Readers may give up on your blog if you go months without posting new content. The best blogs post content consistently in order to keep their loyal readers engaged. We recommend posting a minimum of three times per week.  The more you post, the higher the traffic you’ll have. You can even schedule posts to come out on a certain day so that there’s a sense of structure to your blog.


3. Keep Readers Updated With A Mailing List

Giving readers the option to sign up for a mailing list is a great way of building loyal readers. Every time you publish a new post, you can email news of this to all your subscribers on your mailing list. Mailchimp is our recommended provider for newsletters, and you can create a great template in Photoshop or Canva.  There are also plug-ins that allow you to add a pop-up to your homepage that asks new readers to sign up as soon as they visit.

4. Allow Readers To Subscribe Through Social Media

Another way in which you can build loyal readers is by allowing people to subscribe through social media. You can create a Facebook or Twitter page and then encourage visitors to your blog to follow you on these social media platforms. Then, start sharing any new blog content on these social media pages so that all your followers can stay updated every time you publish a new post. If you use images on your blog, you can even set up an Instagram page for sharing these images on.

5. Enable Comments To Connect With Readers

Enabling comments on your blog encourages interaction. The option to freely comment on posts can help your blog to feel more like a community. Make sure to reply to comments as this will encourage readers to re-visit your blog by both reminding them of your content and keeping a discussion going. You can also interact through social media – if you share a post on Facebook and people reply to this post, try to respond if possible.